IPR Management

The management of intellectual property is all about managing innovation with the procedures and processes that are required to turn that innovation into valuable intellectual property rights (IPR´s).
A truly strategic approach to IPR management will span from conception to product market release and throughout the products life cycle. Integrating IP management into the R&D, advance development and product development cycles seamlessly provides opportunities to gain and enhance IPR protection while offering the potential to reduce risk and lower costs.
At Tego IP Attorneys we understand the importance of a strategic IPR management and the influence it has on business growth and success. To gain full understanding of our clients business we combine IP attorney and commercial expertise to deliver IPR management and evaluation services that unlock the potential of every business assets and IPR.
Our team works at all levels within organisations, from start ups to large international businesses, as well as the investor community to maximize and maintain the value of every IPR investment while securing its protection at the same time.