Maintenance & Renewal
Maintaining and renewing your domains is an important part of every fim´s IPR work, and needs to be strictly attended by those incharge. Firms that fail to renew their domain names are in great danger of losing it permanently - no matter how much they depend on it.
Tego IP Attorneys provides effective and efficient service in regards to domain maintenance and renewal. With us in charge of your domain maintenance and renewal, you do not need to worry about missing expiration dates or keeping track of important log-in and account information that are vital for your renewal.
We  will take care of the whole process by being the contact personnel with the registrars and keeping all relative data safe and secured in our filing systems. Well before the renewal date comes we contact our clients to re-evaluate the domain strategy and plan necessary actions for the renewal. By working with trustworthy domain registrars we seek the most efficient way to register our clients domains.